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Our Essential Edibles Simple Foods For Health is a tailored nutrition program that empowers you to make changes to your lifestyle.  For some it is fine tuning and others it is a complete overhaul.  The goal is to eat real food = whole unprocessed food. 

I will coach you through the whole process so you are able to achieve your​ goals.  Your tailored nutrition plan will be based on your health, age, goals and activity levels.

Tailored programs are recommended for

 Children, teens, and adults (all ages) with health complaints (serious or minor) or individuals that would like to fine tune their current eating habits and improve body composition.   

Programs for Diabetes, Longevity, Vegetarian, Vegan, Cholesterol, Hormones, Digestive issues, Weight loss, Weight gain, etc.

Common Client Complaints




Weight gain

Skin Disorders


Sleep issues




Brain fog


Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Lapinski, LE, CNC



  • Certified​ Nutritional Consultant from AANC
  • Certified Sports Nutrition from ASFA​
  • Firstline Therapy Certified Lifestyle Educator 

   Additional coursework:

  • The Depression Pandemic
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Lifestyle Medicine and Systems Biology in Clinical Practice
  • Therapies for Autoimmune Disease
  • Neurobiology of Mood & Cognitive Disorders
  • Stress Management
  • Functional Detoxification
  • Gut and Immune Health 

Member of the Nutrition and Metabolism Society and Weston A. Price Foundation 

I have been in the nutrition industry for  15 years.  I have been trained by top Functional Medicine doctors in the field of Nutritional Science and worked with numerous doctors (MD, PHD, DC, OMD) implementing lifestyle and diet programs in their offices.  During those years I was exposed to many diets and found that the best results come from eating quality food, which is unprocessed, whole and highly digestible. 

 I created a workbook called    

  "Our Essential Edibles" Simple Foods For Health that explains the importance of quality food and why it is fundamental in maintaining optimum health.  It is not a fad or a new diet.  It is simply a matter of relearning to eat the foods our bodies were designed to eat. 

I earned a bachelors degree from California State Long Beach with an emphasis in science.  After being introduced to biology, anatomy, physiology and nutrition the seed was planted.   The understanding of how food influences the human body on the cellular level became my passion.  I have attended numerous educational trainings and symposiums on Functional Medicine, Nutrigenomics,  and Traditional Diets.  I continue to advance my knowledge by attending educational workshops and staying current with functional medicine, science and nutrition journals and books. 

 I am a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Lifestyle Educator practicing in a concierge medical practice in Newport Beach, CA and I have a private practice in Fountain Valley.  


Tailored Nutrition Programs

Initial Consultation - 1 hour - 1.5 hours based on your needs

Includes individualized nutrition plan:

  • Health history, goals, eating habits
  • Health assessment (digestion, elimination, metabolism, etc.)
  • Explain the fundamentals of the food plan and education
  • Tailor a nutrition plan based on your age, physical activity, health, metabolism, etc.

Scroll down to download Nutrition Forms for Initial Consultation

Health History, Health Appraisal and Diet Diary - 3-5 days needed

Follow Consultation​:

  • Modify nutrition program as needed
  • ​Recipes, eating out, food preparation techniques
  • Shopping resources
  • Motivate and encourage lifestyle changes
  • Answer questions
  • Review over supplements and make changes as needed

Hourly rate -$100

Cash, Check and Credit card + service fee accepted

Nutrition Forms

Initial Consultation Forms (pdf)




My experience with Stephanie has been life changing. I decided to see a nutritionist as I do a lot of exercise (5-6 times per week), but always felt that my diet was holding me back. Stephanie is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of nutrition, and working with her has improved my health no end. My energy levels are much more stable throughout the day, I’ve shed weight without reducing portion sizes or suffering from hunger or food cravings, and I feel much healthier overall. The program is well researched, and Stephanie always takes the time to explain the science in detail as well as provide useful articles and references for me to follow up on. I like how simple and intuitive the program is – basically feed your body what it was designed to eat and digest; there are no fashionable or “fad” diets anywhere in sight. This is just a “correct” way of living. Stephanie is always cheerful and friendly, and I couldn’t recommend her services more highly.

Thanks again Stephanie! - Paul L.


I would like to say THANK YOU to Stephanie, she is an amazing, inspiring woman and her program changed me for life. I wanted to lose some weight, I had no energy to do anything, I used to over-workout and instead of feeling “great” I was feeling even worse. Depression kicked in, I wasn’t able to sleep at all, and my hormones were all over the place. Stephanie did not only provide me with a new regimen, but a new life-style. The diet worked amazingly with the detox. IT wasn’t easy, in the beginning I struggled, but I reminded myself if I wanted to see improvement, I had to change. The food was not bad at all; I was actually eating a lot more, but “HEALTHY” lots of healthy fats, veggies, eggs, and sardines. In the beginning I weighted 134lbs, two days later I was 130lbs, by the end of week two I was 127lbs. I’ve noticed I have more energy, my hormones were not all messed up anymore, my menstrual cycle improved, and my sleeping pattern changed a 100%. I had no trouble going to sleep, and my skin looked radiant. I just want to say thank you to Stephanie, she is 100% real down- to earth woman, that actually teaches you how to change periodically, not just all of the sudden, you will definitely notice changes in the first week. I know drink about 3-4 liters of water a day and yes you might have to pee a bit, but it feels good. I’m thirsty for more, and I truly love the Detox, it cleans up your system quite well, feeling more energized.   Once again, thank you. - Sarahi R.

Prior to meeting with Stephanie my wife and I thought that we had fairly good nutrition practices.  After meeting with Stephanie, my wife and I realized how mis-informed we were.  Stephanie taught us what is really in our food and how to make wise informed decisions about what we put in our bodies.  Rather than just wanting us to blindly follow her guidelines, Stephanie encouraged us to research the information she gave us.  After following Stephanie’s recommendations, we found the food that we were eating tasted better, we felt better and lost weight quickly all without feeling hungry!  Also, it has changed what we feed our daughter, ensuring that she will eat truly healthy food as she grows to live a healthy life herself.Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable in the nutrition field and is happy and eager to share that information with you. I strongly recommend meeting with Stephanie and you will feel better also, you will not regret it!  Thank you Stephanie - Paul, Jasmine and Robyn C 

 Stephanie Lapinski was completely instrumental in me finally getting myself healthy and feeling great.  I've lost weight, sleep better, and have increased my overall health and well being exponentially.  She gave me simple, straight forward methods that were easy to adopt and implement and I'd recommend her to anyone serious about getting their nutrition and health on the right track. - Joe W.  

 Immediately after starting "Our Essential Edibles" I felt better.  My sleep improved (WOW), the darkness under my eyes decreased, my energy increased, I lost fat and my digestion improved.  The workbook has been an important tool to help inspire and understand the fundamentals of the program. - Ellen C 

I achieved my goals because you understood how to get me truly healthy.  I did not even realize I had issues with digestion and elimination.  My headaches disappeared, sleep improved and I lost inches on my waist, thighs and butt.  I am very pleased with my results and I tell everyone about you.  P.S.  I love the workbook. - Tamara L.

Stephanie helped me achieve my goals.  I thought I was eating healthy and found out that I needed to make some improvements. I no longer have a stuffy nose, sleep better, have more patience and just overall feel better. - Lisa T.

Thank you so much I feel better overall and healthier.  My skin glows and I look younger.  For a long time I have craved sweets at night and after following the food plan my sweet cravings diminished.  You gave me the tools and good recipes to convert me from a sugar craver to a fat burner.  - Carol M.

I’ve worked with Stephanie through the years and found her command of nutrition as a science to be solid.  Her ability to present the material and problem solve to make a nutritional plan livable was wonderful.  I felt so much healthier, energetic and lighter after working with her.   In the past 2 years, I’ve dealt with various symptoms that medical tests could not resolve:  Swelling, bloating, rashes, weight gain and general malaise.  Under the direction of Dr. Weiss, Stephanie began to specifically treat my symptoms as an intestinal imbalance (SIBO).  It’s been a journey, but approximately 4 months later my swelling, bloating, rashes, mood, and weight have improved drastically.  I am much more aware of how specific foods affect my system on an intestinal level and that intestinal balance is the foundation to health. 

Thank you, Stephanie for your persistence and patience. – Judy B.

I wish to thank Private Physicians Medical Associations and Stephanie Lapinski for offering their weight loss/lifestyle change program – “Our Essential Edibles” – Simple Foods for Health

With Dr. Van Meter’s oversight and Stephanie’s direction, education, and follow up, I’m down 45 pounds from 305+ pounds. I’ve lost 6 inches from my waist (46” to 40” almost ready for 38” belt). My health outcomes have changed positively and dramatically. Some of my lab values over the years reached the ‘high risk’ (red numbers) and ‘intermediate risk’ (yellow numbers) but after my weight loss, they all moved to ‘optimal’ (green numbers). My blood pressure dropped to normal and I also eliminated two other medications during the process. There were no drugs, shots, special foods to buy and no hype. I learned to change my eating habits and make better, healthier selections of the foods I choose to eat. I’ve eliminated the breads, rice, and potatoes while switching to vegetables, salads, fruits, healthy fats plus all types of meats, chicken, turkey, and fish. By eliminating certain carbohydrates, I’ve reduced my abdominal bloating and feel so much better. By eliminating sugars, I’ve reduced my body’s inflammatory process. I have more energy, less aches and pain, feel lighter, and no longer carry a rim of fat bulging over my belt. An example of just one simple change was to choose the “protein style” lettuce wraps for sandwiches or hamburgers. I eat healthier, drink more water, stopped sodas and sugars, walk for exercise, and follow Stephanie’s “Our Essential Edibles” program with Dr. Van Meter’s oversight. – Bob K.

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